New Work for Thomas Moser

New Work for Thomas Moser

We recently finished another photo shoot for Thomas Moser that included some of their newest products.  We traveled down to their DC showroom and spent the day moving around and staging furniture.  The beauty of photographing in their showroom is the abundance of natural light that pours in through a series of large windows.  All we needed to do was frame up the composition and sprinkle in a little bit of fill light.   Post production involved a lot of cleanup (especially the floor), color/contrast and sharpening.  Its easy to make these images look great when you’re working with such a beautiful product.

New work for Thos. Moser - Jewelry box New work for Thos. Moser - Tables New work for Thos. Moser - ChestThomas Moser Email(Email newsletter with the two chair setup we photographed).


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