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REFLECT interview

We are excited to announce that tonight we will be appearing on WGME News Channel 13.  We sat down earlier today with Kim Block for an interview about the REFLECT project and the upcoming gallery opening we are putting on at Engine.  Tune in tonight at 5:30 and 6:00.  Find out more about the show at the REFLECT project facebook page.




Trent Bell Speaks at TEDx

The REFLECT Project | Trent Bell Speaks at TEDx

Late last year we were invited to speak at the Amosokeag Millyard TEDx event in Manchester, NH.  The topic was the REFLECT project, an idea we conceived to share stories and experiences through the combination of visual and written form.  The idea of speaking at TEDx was new and really exciting for us (and a bit nerve-racking) because it gave us the chance to further the conversation about an idea we are so passionate about.  Although this is just one project within the larger scope, we continue to explore the relationship between subject and artist.  Stay tuned!

You can watch the video at: TEDx Talks

Trent Bell Speaks at TEDx

If you are not familiar with the REFLECT project we have a series of blog posts that have all the coverage from the first iteration at the Maine State Prison.



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Photographing the new Babson College Park Manor West Building by Sasaki Associates

Babson College |  Park Manor West Building | Sasaki Associates

Earlier this summer we had the opportunity to photograph the new Park Manor West Building recently designed by Sasaki Associates.  The building is located at the center of Babson College and is surrounded by a beautifully designed quad that encourages students and faculty to use the outdoor space.  Because the interior of the building had large open areas throughout it made photographing the space easier with all the natural light that was pouring in.  This greatly reduced the need for supplemental lighting.  With students and faculty interacting and using each space we were able to craft images that reflected the design and accessibility of the environment.

Exterior night view of the Leonard A. Schlesinger Innovation Centert with students designed by Sasaki Associates Continue Reading