Two MUST HAVE iPhone apps

For all of you who use an iphone and take pictures of family & friends, the following two apps are incredible.
The first app which I have already posted an image from is “Panorama 360″.  The ease of use is incredible and the app esentially paints in the photo as you pan the camera around. I find this app to be especially useful for built environment design professionals. When you need to return to a space and understand context and relation, this app will be able to show it all. Tons o’ fun.

The second app I see as a must have is called “Instagram”. It lets you take an image and then overlay diffrent  preset processing over the image, you can also add a tilt/shift option which gives you a selective focus look, which really is fun. I’m going to be framing some of my family shot and thats saying a lot coming from a photographer.

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